Well, I have some and you have some.


I spend a good amount of time thinking through and working on this blog. The thoughts in the posts are mine and do not necessarily reflect anyone else’s. Don’t construe them to necessarily be the positions of my school, advisors, or even friends. Just me.

Also, please don’t steal them. Feel free to repost but please do cite. I reserve all the rights that are afforded to a blog. Additionally I will throw it out there that everything done here is being done (in my opinion) in good faith and under fair use. It is all scholarly and nonprofit, but still my intellectual property.


You have rights too! Maybe I used one of your pictures to illustrate a point. I try to contact every author before I use an image, but not when I think it is in the public domain. I also primarily discuss other scholarly articles on this blog. I will always give full citation and credit. I can’t provide a full copy of the text, but I will try to post a link to where the original can be found.

If you feel like I have infringed on any of your intellectual property rights, please contact me to resolve the issue. I will respond promptly.


Danny Guenther

dsguenth (at)

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