About This Project

This is a blog journaling an independent study I am undertaking under the advisement of WashU professor Dr. Randall Calvert. My plans are right now to I will turn this study into a senior thesis for my political science degree. This blog is now a companion site for my senior thesis about the development and implications of sovereign immunity.

I think a blog is a great 21st century way to keep track of the articles I am reading and the thoughts that pop up in my mind. And, who knows maybe some other people comment, read, and get something useful from it.

So, if you read something you like/dislike/piques your interest/makes you scoff, comment on it and/or shoot me an email.

Also, a unique request is that I want you to offer up unsolicited shameless plugs of your own published pieces or working papers if they seem relevant.  Awesome right? The Reading List page is an example of some of the works I plan on going through, but if you read a post and it reminds you of something you wrote let me know! Lots of cool famous people famous suggest their articles- be a cool famous person today!

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