About Me


My name is Daniel (Danny) Guenther, and I am an undergraduate at  a recent graduate of Washington University in St. Louis.  I am was a political science major who still enjoys learning about the broad subjects of law, politics, and society. If I had to categorize my research and general interests, I would add a lot of things:

Constitutions, including comparative constitutional study; The Rule of Law; Political Institutions, Courts, Sociology, Legal Theory, Political Thought, Game Theory, Empirical Research in Law, History, the Study of American Culture, and some other things. Basically a lot of social science areas in general.

My future plans are  most likely to continue in higher education–law school or grad school. After that I’m not sure. I can also see myself in a number of other places: non profit management, government, consulting, teaching, research, think tanks, a writer for Sesame Street…

You can email me at dsguenth [at] wustl.edu.

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