Torts, Torts, and More Torts

Torts, Torts, and More Torts

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged-so I’ll briefly recap where I’ve been and where I’m going.

Been: Well I have had some quality time with the big blue book on the bottom of the pile- Greg Sisk’s Litigation With the Federal Government. It’s actually very enjoyable and gives a succinct (even though it is long) description of the state of the law dealing with, well, litigation with the federal government. So it is more encompassing that just the FTCA, but still a good read.

The even larger book on top of that is a relatively recent book I checked out which is a compilation of primary texts related to the codification of Title 28 of the US code, the Judiciary.

The next book is a Guide to the Federal Tort Claims Act from 2012. It actually does not get any more recent than this book. I’m pretty sure I am the first person to crack open this copy.

Last is a book I am very interested to get into, all about using and misusing legislative histories.

And the future will hopefully be filled with answering these questions:

1) Why was sovereign immunity imported from England?

2) Why did lawmakers choose to get rid of parts of it?

3) Why is there a special process for adjudicating claims against the government?

4) What is the bigger political picture going on during the late 1880s and 1940s, and how do things like the FTCA fit in?


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