From Law to Game Theory

From Law to Game Theory: Branching Off

That’s the direction the blog is going to take for a little while. We’ve looked into a bit of con law- and I won’t forget about you con law! But, this study is to look at law. And game theory. And law and game theory. So we explored some law, time to look at some game theory that isn’t directly on a legal/political subject. Then round three will be to maybe go back to law and game theory articles, or start trying to apply the game theory articles to the law articles.

In some of what we’ve seen so far, game theory has been given a backseat. There was some game theory in Hardin, Weingast, and especially Myerson, not as much in Vermuele and Posner, my random thoughts on constitutional interpretation, or other things on originalism.

But, game theory has a lot to offer too- later we can come back and look at it through a lens of jurisprudence. There are a lot of interesting things in the realm of game theory we’ll look at: prisoners’ dilemmas (PD), PD tournaments, lab experiments, cooperation, defections, equilibrium problems, the seminal games, looking at why people make the strategic decisions they do, thinking about evolutionary game theory, figuring out what the heck “rational choice theory” means, start to understand how/why we model in the social sciences etc. Yes, we’ll delve into a little microeconomics and have to get our hands a little dirty with some math, but it will be OK.

I think a post on the PD is in order!

By the way, our picture of the day comes from which is apparently some kind of polisci dictionary of sorts. I can’t exactly figure out what it is, but it seems pretty cool. I also don’t understand why “charisma” is the 4th “branch” of law, but whatever- the pictures are just meant to be eye catching and cool. Relevant and accurate are just added bonuses when it does happen!


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