Welcome to this blog. Please feel free to read more about me or my project, which is the purpose of this blog, and skim the table of contents.

Why read?

Well, here are some reasons:

  • You like political science, law, and or game theory (or even just social sciences)
  • You like reading blogs from time to time
  • You like helping people out with their scholarship by discussing issues and suggesting articles

But wait there’s more!

  • I won’t spam you
  • I won’t post once and then never again
  • You can suggest articles for me to read!

(Actually it could be one of the few places on the web where shamelessly plugging your own work is encouraged!)

  • There will be some smart discussions if you contribute, and some interesting commentary from a young student’s perspective

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  1. This is great, thanks for doing this! I’m working on a PhD in Public Health & Policy but have been feeling the need to expand some of my ideas about the field in a blog format (since you can’t publish everything that you think people in your field should hear/think about). It wasn’t until recently that I considered approaching a prof to do an independent study to develop a blog. I wasn’t sure what sort of information I might find about this set-up, so I was very glad to come across this site.

    • Thanks Lindsay! I appreciate it. I wish I blogged more, but this has always served as a good way to get random thoughts on my project “down on paper”. Good luck in your PhD program. And let me know what your blog site is when you get it up and running!

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